Music Studio –Dartmouth

Clients requirements:
John & Sally own a beautiful house right in the centre of Dartmouth in the South Hams. John is passionate about music….loud music… after some consideration Sally agreed to John’s request
for a ModBox hobby room!
John wanted a place where he could sit in the same comfort as the main residence, shut the ModBox door and then enjoy either playing one of his guitars or turning his music system up loud,
safe in the knowledge that this would not disturb Sally or the neighbours.

Our approach:
One of our architectural designers met with John & Sally to get their combined thoughts on the design of a warm, well insulated, sound proof music studio that would blend in well with their overall property. After a period of improving the design we got straight on with the build as it was
designed to comply with permitted development rights.
Despite some practical issues around access and parking in central Dartmouth, ModBox completed the build with the minimum of fuss to a very high standard.

Finished ModBox:
Since completion, everyone has been happy to see John’s enjoyment of music both sat in the studio beside him and from the other side of the sound-proof glass….

Example Price:
3.5m x 3m soundproof ModBox Music Studio – from £11,945 + Vat

Prices depend on final specification and site specifics/access

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